A Master class comment…

Yesterday, I received a nice letter after a recent master class… I am very happy because it describes an aspect of my pedagogy. Sorry for publishing it…

« Dear Thierry,
I want to thank you once again for taking the time to come for the
masterclass.  I have since talked to all  students and the everyone was
overwhelmingly enthusiastic. 

I, personally, was very impressed by the thoroughness and analytical manner in which you approached the technical aspects of the instrument.
Definitely food for thought for the students.
Aside from the lessons, I very much enjoyed your recital.  You have a lovely, warm, round sound.  That, combined with the beautiful lyrical approach to the instrument is a joy experience.
One thing in particular that you mentioned is something I will keep with me.  You told the students to practice something for ten minutes every day and then go on.  That is not new, but the notion that your body and mind will eventually gravitate to what is right and good is a nice way of putting it.  Students tend to want to force things to happen, but trusting that your mind, body and musicality will learn towards it naturally is a good piece of wisdom.
Thank you for pointing that out. »

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