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How to practice at home a new piece

Dear frieds, today,I was asked this question on facebook: Hello Master. I would like to receive some advices from you about the moment when one is going to play a new master piece. How should I start with it? And, … Continuer la lecture

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Donat Zamiara asks 10 questions to Thierry Barbé Hello! These are the questions that I would like to ask you: 1. Why did you choose the double-bass? Was there any other instrument, that you have played before? TB : Yes I played the piano from 11 to 16 … Continuer la lecture

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French bow question

Today, I was asked this question: Hi Monsieur Barbé! I’m a 20 year old doublebass student in …. and hope to someday study in Paris. I’ve looked at many bass players bow technique (…) but since adopting your technique it … Continuer la lecture

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Bow conference, Barcelona Bass meeting, may 2011.

Bow over handed and under handed:  it is so similar! Introduction, different grips in the world, fondamental principles of a good bow technique, bow strokes and demonstrations…. conclusion

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