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A Master class comment…

Yesterday, I received a nice letter after a recent master class… I am very happy because it describes an aspect of my pedagogy. Sorry for publishing it… « Dear Thierry, I want to thank you once again for taking the time … Continuer la lecture

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French bow question

Today, I was asked this question: Hi Monsieur Barbé! I’m a 20 year old doublebass student in …. and hope to someday study in Paris. I’ve looked at many bass players bow technique (…) but since adopting your technique it … Continuer la lecture

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Catalin Rotaru

My good friend Catalin is an amazing musician. He belongs to the « singing double bass  » familly, as I think I do. His Kreisler transcription is not easy and he performs it with a nice sound like the violin. This … Continuer la lecture

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David Folland ideas about tailpiece How Tailpiece Can Affect Sound and Playability This article was published in the May 2010 issue of All Things Strings. “A modern tailpiece is a marvel of engineering,” fittings-maker Eric Meyer says, “and it is very difficult to make … Continuer la lecture

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Dave Fink and Jazzcapacitor

Really nice initiative!, nice free pdf transcriptions from monuments double bass players, thanks Dave!

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Beethoven’s final 9th

This the famous Beethoven 9th final mouvement,… for our bass students!

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Tips on how to memorise your piece

Playing from memory could be essential while performing in concert, festival or competition or even in exam.Knowing your piece by heart demonstrates that the composition has been studied in depth. There are few ways to memorize music:How to begin?Listen recorded … Continuer la lecture

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James Ham luthier

I met James Ham in Oklahoma City in 2007, he built many basses with Gary Karr, and lives near Vancouver, Ca.  Interesting researchs: he makes the ribs as sandwich of Balsa between maple veneers. The bass is so light!

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Ginastera Concertantes Variations

A well known double bass solo with Harp by my friend Alberto Bocini in 2012:

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Rudolf SENN

I met him in 1983 in Firminy db summer camp ( Rollez) when he was playing with Hans Roelofsen baroque duets. It is nice to see his interior intimate house, the basses, his passion of music…. very nice!

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