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Ginastera Concertantes Variations

A well known double bass solo with Harp by my friend Alberto Bocini in 2012:

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Rudolf SENN

I met him in 1983 in Firminy db summer camp ( Rollez) when he was playing with Hans Roelofsen baroque duets. It is nice to see his interior intimate house, the basses, his passion of music…. very nice!

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Past Recital 22 march 2011

Invited by Christophe Picot, professor in Le Mans and La Flèche conservatory, I had the great pleasure to teach to very nice students from all over the Sarthe region (west middle France). Teachers and students came also from La Rochelle, … Continuer la lecture

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Bow conference, Barcelona Bass meeting, may 2011.

Bow over handed and under handed:  it is so similar! Introduction, different grips in the world, fondamental principles of a good bow technique, bow strokes and demonstrations…. conclusion

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How much existing Octobasses in the world?

Dear friends, I  had the pleasure to be in february 2011 in Tempe ( AZ), invited by professor Catalin Rotaru in ASU for a master class and recital. I discovered with him the MIM, north Phoenix, a hudge museum about … Continuer la lecture

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Those articles are dedicated to the pedagogy of double bass, skills, music, repertoire. Thierry Barbé is principal double bass in the « National Opera de Paris Orchestra » and professor in the National Superior Conservatoire (CNSMDP, levels Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). He teaches … Continuer la lecture

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T.Barbé. Article around years 2000 In spite of its double-size, the double-bass,  always had ardent instigators , as much as composer as players. Successor of the double bass viole, it meets its first virtuosos during the classical period, with concerti from … Continuer la lecture

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